Can i go completely off grid with solar panels?

It's important to note that not all solar batteries can work independently of the grid, even if you power them with solar energy. To disconnect from the grid, you specifically need a battery that can “form an island” or form its own network, so that the panels recharge the battery every day without needing a network connection. For the most part, disconnecting the grid with solar panels is 100% possible. However, it's only one piece of the puzzle.

Off-grid solar energy means meeting all your energy needs from the sun's energy without the help of the power grid. For this to be possible, you must install a solar energy system combined with an energy storage system, such as a solar battery, at the location of energy consumption (your home). And having a connection to the grid means you'll have constant access to all the energy you need. Disconnecting from the grid with solar energy in Arizona is more complicated than installing a home solar energy system connected to the grid.

Basically, this means that you'll need a 6.1 kW solar system to produce enough electricity to cover your monthly energy consumption. Without all that solar energy, “pico” plants that run on gas have to turn on and run until demand decreases, which is why most PG%26E tariff plans charge you more for electricity consumption at night. Deciding the size of the system you need is an early and absolutely crucial step when it comes to installing an off-grid solar system. Some days will be worse than others for solar generation, making it very difficult to have a reliable source of solar energy completely disconnected from the grid.

In addition to efficient panels, batteries and appliances, solar and storage homes require wiring, charge controllers, inverters, and assembly and security equipment. It's hard to imagine, for instance, a camping enthusiast giving up solar energy in favor of a generator that is heavy, noisy, and requires expensive fuel. If you live somewhere like California, an area with a very high maximum rate of sunlight, your solar system won't need to be that big. Since they are not connected to the power grid, off-grid solar systems must fully meet the household's electricity needs.

To find out how many solar panels would be needed to power your system offline, schedule a consultation with SouthFace Solar %26 Electric. A complete solar system without a grid connection has all the equipment needed to generate, store and supply solar energy on site. Alternatively, they could offer to lay the cable to connect it to the network, but only at an astronomical cost. When you want to power a building in a very remote location, for example, a hunting cabin in the woods, there is most likely no network to connect to.

If you're thinking of buying a solar system without an electrical grid connection, you've come to the right place. Another decision you must make is how you want to connect to the local power grid or whether you want to be connected at all.