How many solar panels does it take to power a 2000 square foot home?

To bring the average amount of energy used by a household in the United States to 2, 000 square meters. The home would need between 16 and 21 solar panels. That's assuming the house has a good south-facing roof that gets all the amount of sunlight every day. Depending on where you live, an average 2,000-square-foot home will need 14 to 22 premium solar panels to supply 100% of its electricity needs.

The most accurate way to find out is to hire a professional solar installer to perform an analysis on your home. Homeowners who are interested in using solar energy often want to know how many solar panels will be needed to power their home. If that house has a south-facing roof without shade during the day, it would need 14 to 22 premium solar panels to generate that amount of electricity. That average 2,000-square-foot home using 967 kWh per month would need 21 to 33 inexpensive solar panels to meet all of its electricity needs.

The calculator will also allow you to specify the direction of your roof and any shade you have, which will have a big impact on the amount of electricity your solar panels will generate. The exact amount of energy that solar panels can produce depends on the amount of sunlight they receive, which in turn depends on the orientation of the panel and its location. You can run the air conditioner with solar energy, but for constant cooling, you'll need to have solar batteries installed or switch to the power grid during the night, since solar panels only provide energy while they receive sunlight. The main reason is that the amount of electricity that solar panels will generate depends largely on the amount of sunlight you receive in your city.

You can work with a solar energy professional to determine how many watts you need each panel to produce, and they'll help you find options.