What are the advantages of solar energy explain?

It does not generate carbon emissions or other “greenhouse gases” that trap heat. Avoid environmental damage associated with fossil fuel mining or drilling. In addition, solar energy also uses little or no water, unlike power plants that generate electricity through steam turbines. I've been following a post on Wiki Answers for a while about the pros and cons of solar energy and wanted to share the results.

The discussion began some time ago and has received a lot of comments. Solar energy is a reliable and proven source of energy compared to conventional energy sources that use fossil fuels. Latitude can also affect solar energy because at higher latitudes the angle of solar radiation is smaller than at lower latitudes, meaning it produces less energy. Although solar energy itself is free, the cost of collecting, converting, and storing solar energy may be high initially.

While initial investment in solar energy is high, there are several tax credits and other incentive programs that can help offset those initial expenses. As a CO2-free source of renewable energy, the environmental impact of solar energy is significantly lower than that of other energy generation methods. Save money on your electricity bill, since the energy captured by solar panels is used as electricity in your home. While solar energy has many advantages, there are some disadvantages, as the technology is still being developed.

Once solar panels are installed, operating costs are quite low compared to other forms of power generation. One of the great advantages of solar energy over fossil fuels is that, compared to fossil fuels, it has a less negative impact on the environment. For example, wooden and slate roofs are problematic for installing solar panels because they are fragile. No fuel is required, and this means that solar energy can generate large amounts of electricity without the uncertainty and expense of securing a fuel supply.

The roof's inclination, shape, size and orientation will also affect its compatibility with solar panels. Unlike appliances in your home, solar panels can't be easily moved if you decide to sell your home. There are different things you can do with solar energy, such as using it to generate electricity or heat. Although investing in solar energy has several benefits, the initial cost is substantial, but it can be seen as an investment.